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22 February 2021

Newly developed method helps to quantify the residual immunogenic potential of decellularized human heart valves

Dot-blot techniques demonstrate highly individual immune response towards decellularized homografts - Results published Open Access in the European Journal of Cardio-Thoracic-Surgery

22 July 2019

Presentation of the early ARISE results at the 2019 Meeting of the European Association for Cardio-Thoracic-Surgery (EACTS) Saturday 5th of October in Lisbon, Portugal

Results for pediatric aortic valve replacement using cell-free homografts will be presented as well at the EACTS 2019 [more]

18 March 2019

Early results of the ESPOIR Trial published in 2019

The publication of the early ESPOIR Trial and the midterm ESPOIR Registry results has been cited more than 20 times since 2019 and lists upon the most cited publications within the European Journal of Cardio-Thoracic-Surgery... [more]

15 February 2019

Patient lecture and seminar on regenerative heart valves and stem cell therapy options - 30.03.2019 in the Hannover Zoo

Patientenseminar: Regenerative Therapien und Stammzelltherapie bei angeborenen Herzfehlern – geht das schon? [more]

01 October 2018

EACTS 2018 in Milano - Initial results from the prospective ESPOIR Trial and ESPOIR Registry data presented on Thursday 18th of October 2018

Early data from the ESPOIR Trial was presented at the EACTS Annual Meeting in Milano on 18th of October in a Rapid Response Session. The abstract of the presentation can be found here on the site 6.  [more]

09 March 2018

“For me, it’s a day at work, for the child it’s the rest of their life”

Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) is situated in the heart of London and is the world's oldest children hospital (est. 1852) with the patronage of Queen Elisabeth herself. Today the hospital is considered an international... [more]

09 June 2017

Final project report - Summary

Beginning in January 2012, the European Union has funded the European Clinical Study for the Application of Regenerative Heart Valves, coordinated by Hannover Medical School, Germany, with a grant of 5.2 Million Euros over a... [more]

20 December 2016

ESPOIR project closing meeting held in Zurich in December 2016

Long-term follow up initiated - the European post-authorisation study on regenerative pulmonary heart valve replacement enrolled 120 patients [more]

01 March 2016

Publication about the first ten years of clinical experience with decellularized homografts for pulmonary valve replacement / Patient inclusion to the ESPOIR clinical trial

Surgeons, cardiologists and pediatric cardiologists from Hannover Medical School/Germany and the University Hospital in Chisinau/Moldavia have published the clinical experience derived from ten years of clinical experience using... [more]

27 October 2015

Patient inclusion on the increase for the ESPOIR clinical study

The ESPOIR study group, comprising 7 hospitals from Hannover, Chisinau, London, Leuven, Leiden, Padua, Zurich and 4 homograft banks from Brussels, Hannover, Treviso and Rotterdam, has now reached full operative capacity. This has... [more]

27 October 2015

A decade of clinical experience with decellularized homografts presented at the 2015 EACTS

Researchers from Hannover Medical School, Germany and Universitatea Nicolae Testemitianu, Chisinau, Moldavia presented their clinical experience with fresh, non-cryopreserved, decellularized pulmonary homografts over the last ten... [more]

21 April 2015

First ESPOIR decellularized homografts implanted at “KiSpi” and “GOSH”

Two of the largest paediatric hospitals in Europe, Kinderspital Zürich (UZH) and Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) in London, have successfully implanted decellularized homografts for pulmonary valve replacement within the... [more]

11 March 2015

Holding up under pressure: the MHH heads clinical study on lifelong aortic heart valve replacements EU awards 5 million Euro to the ARISE project

March 2015 saw the Kick-off Meeting of the EU-funded clinical study "Aortic Valve Replacement using Individualised Regenerative allografts: Bridging the Therapeutic Gap", which is to receive 5 million Euro in funding... [more]

30 January 2015

ESPOIR study start at KU Leuven / New EU-project ARISE

Belgian surgeons, led by Prof. Bart Meyns, successfully implanted the first ESPOIR PV valve within the ESPOIR study at the University hospital of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven on the 22th of January 2015. KU Leuven... [more]

16 September 2014

Successful start for the ESPOIR study at Moldova State Medical University

A team of Moldavian surgeons, led by Prof. Anatol Ciubotaru, successfully operated the first patient in Chisinau/Mo on Wednesday, 03 September 2014. In an uneventful procedure, the young female patient received a decellularized... [more]

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