Work Package Leader

Each work package (WP) will be managed by a work package leader to ensure the performance and progress of the work package with regard to the overall work plan. The WPL will evaluate the progress reports provided by WP participants within their work package to ensure the successful completion of objectives and tasks. The work package leaders have been appointed by the partners according to their expertise and the management skills required in the individual work packages.

The responsibilities of the work package leaders are as follows: 

  • monitoring the progress of the WP against time and budget allocations, ensure that the work package fulfils the objectives listed as milestones and deliverables; 
  • alerting the coordinator in case of delay or default in the performance of the WP;
  • deliver biannual progress reports to the coordinator; 
  • preparation of proposals for the update of the work plan and new parties (if needed). 

Work package members will mainly use electronic means for communication and coordination. If necessary, face-to-face meetings will be organised by the work package leader, where possible to be combined with other ESPOIR meetings to minimise travel costs.